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Cypress Enable
Basic Scripting For Applications

 Frequently Asked Questions  

Is Cypress Enable really royalty free? Yes, we not only do not charge royalties, we also sell Cypress Enable at an incredibly low price so that all software developers both large and small can afford to have a world class, industry standard, VBA compatible Basic Scripting Language embedded in their applications.

Can I extend Cypress Enable to include functions located in my .exe or in a shipping DLL. Yes, Cypress Enable is easily extended. Functions located in the calling application or in a DLL can be exposed to the end user and appear built-in to the Enable Basic language.

Does Cypress Enable have Type Library support? Yes, With Cypress Enable All functions, subroutines and objects that are exposed through the API will have built-in synatx assistance for filling out parameter lists or passing properties and methods.

What if my application is an Automation server? If your application is an Automation server objects can be registered through the API and appear built-in.

Can I reference variables in my applications? Cypress Enables sports a well designed powerful API that allows global variables to be referenced directly or to be set and the values retrieved as needed.

How large is the DLL and how fast is the interpreter? The Cypress Enable DLL that must be shipped with your application is less than 500K. Cypress Enable is extremely fast and sports a very small footprint to fit nicely with your applications.

Can the scripts I write be compiled? Yes

How large is the script capacity in Enable? Cypress Enable can handle huge scripts and includes smart memory management where the memory used expands as the script size expands

Tell me about the Cypress License Agreement? Cypress Enable can be shipped by your company royalty free. A license is strictly tied to a particular application. Each developer on an application team must have a valid license to Cypress Enable. We offer a corporate developer license that allows for an unlimited number of developers/testers and script writers working on an application

Does Cypress Enable support pre-compiled scripts? Yes, Cypress Enable supports true pre-compiled code scripts

Does Cypress Enable support Dynamic Dialogs? Yes, Cypress Enable supports Word style dynamic dialogs with the dialog procedure for nested dialogs.

Is source code available? Yes, source code is available. Please see Cypress Enable Pricing for details.

Do you have evaluation copies? Yes, Please call us to get your evaluation copy today! 

Cypress Software Inc., Sales/Support: (206) 850-4597, email: cypress@cypressinc

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