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Cypress Enable 
 Basic Scripting For Applications

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Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications is a Visual Basic for Applications VBA and VBScript compatible Basic Scripting Language designed to be embedded in software applications. With Enable developers can add scripting language functionality to their applications or Web pages to automate complex tasks. Users can also create scripts for launching and manipulating other applications via OLE Automation or external DLL's. Enable is a complete programming language and is available under Microsoft Windows XP - Call for information on Mac, UNIX and Windows CE.

Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications ships with a set of tools including a full Editor/Debugger with color syntax highlighting, and Script tips ( VBA style syntax assistance)  and free technical support and upgrades(via our web site) for six months. A Color Syntax Editor/Debugger with syntax assistance is also available as a binary or in source code format in the corporate developer license. Source code licensing for the Cypress Enable basic engine is available. This allows our customers who need source code to purchase it and customize Enable for their own special needs. Cypress Software Inc. also provides contracting services to our customers for product enhancements and modifications.

Why Basic?

User Acceptance

Microsoft has publicly committed itself to including VBA into all of the products included in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Mail, PowerPoint, etc.) . In addition Microsoft released VBA and VBScript. VBA is extremely expensive and is expected to take at least two man months to integrate into your application. VBScript is a mini version of VBA with flow of control, one variable type and little else (cannot call DLL's, no support for integer and double data types, does not support dialogs or forms of any kind, and embedding is difficult). If this is all you need this may be a free option for you. However, if you need full VBA power and you need it now in a supported product, Cypress Enable is not only the most widely used VBA engine available but it is royalty free and priced to sell to a large audience. 

Why Cypress Enable Basic?

Microsoft has announced widespread licensing of VBA and is giving away VBScript for free. What does this mean for Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications. VBScript is a limited version of VBA This means that it is severely limited in its capabilities. VBScript is much more difficult to embed and is limited in its scope with its target use being inside web pages. VBA on the other hand is very expensive, is very difficult to embed in a product and has a very large foot print and may be more than you want or need!.

Like all other software developers, what you really want is a VBA compatible scripting language!

Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications has now been embedded in over 1000 commercial and corporate in-house applications worldwide. Cypress Enable offers full VBA syntax and has all the API's and power you need for accessing functions, objects and variables in your application. Function calls can even be redirected at runtime. In addition to having a very small footprint < 500K Cypress Enable offers full VBA compatibility, true pre-compiled code, is completely thread safe, and is very fast. The API is logical, easy to learn and easy to use yet extremely powerful. Most of our customers have Enable up and running in just a few hours. Cypress Enable ships with a full Editor/Debugger with syntax assistance . It is yours to integrate tightly and completely into your application. Enable is the most widely used and tested VBA compatible scripting language available today. We keep Enable small, fast and affordable so you can keep your costs down and bring the most value to your customers in your product. Call 1(800) 790-4050 to order today.

Language Description

Cypress Enable supports a substantial subset of Visual Basic for Applications. In addition Enable supports Microsoft Word Dynamic Dialogs, Full OLE support, fully interacts with Dynamic HTML forms, and has a powerful API, that is easy to learn and easy to integrate. Through the Enable API you can share variables, objects, and functions with your application. Enable scripts can get and set properties and call methods or objects in your application. Callbacks can be registered so that your application can respond to compile and runtime events such as undefined variables, functions and data types. In addition Enable has the ability to save and load compiled scripts, supports UNICODE, and can handle huge scripts. All with a footprint of about 400k

Extending Enable

End-users can call functions that are embedded in DLL's or in the calling EXE. These functions must first be declared using the hidden but standard Declare Statement syntax. By building up a string containing the declare statements and appending it prior to executing the user's script, these functions will appear to be built into the Enable language and can be used on demand by your end users. New functions and subroutines can be added or redirected at runtime though Enable's powerful API.

Ten great reasons to include Cypress Enable -- Basic Scripting for Applications in your product.

Why Basic Scripting

1. Would you like to be able to customize your application without changing the underlying code? Would some of your end users like to add functionality to your application? This and much more is possible by adding Cypress Enable Basic Scripting for Applications to your application.

Using the VBA standard for scripting

2. Because Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications is syntax compatible with Visual Basic Script and Visual Basic for Applications, when you use Enable you won't be asking your customers to learn another proprietary scripting language. If you are currently using VBScript but need more power and flexibility Cypress Enable offers all of this and your customers won't have to learn anything new. In addition if you are already using VBSript or if you need a VBScript editor just drop Enable in without any source code changes and have a better more powerful VBA compatible language in place of VBSript. Or use the Enable editor to edit Enable Scripts or VBScript scripts.

Easy to Learn - Easy to Use

3. Cypress Enable has a powerful well designed API that provides all the power and functionality you want and need. With fewer than five dozen API calls to learn our users are running and writing scripts within their own applications in hours. The extreme power and flexibility of this API can not be over emphasized! Or if you prefer the ActiveX Scripting Interface is available as well.

No Traps

4. We are committed to providing the same functionality to your application as Visual Basic for Applications provides to Microsoft applications. With this in mind we have added no extra function calls or extensions to our language. Our scripts can even be written in VB first, then run with Enable. The Cypress Enable language Engine supports a substantial subset of Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. Because Enable supports the VBScript interface you can upgrade from VBScript with no source code changes and start taking advantage of our powerful API and full VBA power right away. In addition because we are completely syntax compatible with VBA you can always move from Enable to Microsoft's VBA and your scripts will still run.

No Nonsense Royalty Free Licensing

5. Cypress Enable has set the standard for price and royalty free distribution with your applications. Why pay huge royalties when Cypress Enable can meet all of your Basic scripting needs royalty free.

Free Support

6. We not only sell our product for an incredibly low price with no royalties we also offer free customer support by phone, fax or e-mail and upgrades for six months via our web site. Just call us or fax us to get an immediate response on the topics you want to know more about

Complete Automation and ActiveX Support

7. Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications has complete support for Micosoft's ActiveX Object Technology.


8. Cypress Enable is available on both 16 and 32 Bit platforms. Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications is available under Microsoft Windows XP, 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, MAC, UNIX and will soon be available on Windows CE.

Feature Rich and Source Code is Available

9. Cypress Enable ships with a set of tools including an Color Editor/Debugger with syntax assistance in source code format C++, Color Editor with source, Sample editor written in VB  and lots of sample code. Source code licensing is available. This allows our customers who need source code to purchase it and customize it for their own special needs. Cypress Software Inc. also provides contracting services to our customers for product enhancementsand modifications.

Spend more time on your application

Cypress Enable - Basic Scripting for Applications is the complete solution for your scripting language needs. Spend more time on your application. Trust Cypress Enable to provide the scripting capability.

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